Knowing the ‘Man’ in ‘Woman’

Note: this article is also published on wiki news by the title ‘Much Ado About Woman.’
International Women’s Day – 8th March

We have come very far as a civilization, grown at amazing speeds, done unexpected and seemingly impossible things and are going fast as ever in the 21st century. However, few problems have persisted for as long as humans and we still find it difficult to deal with such things on a regular basis. The fact that I was told to write for International Women’s Day pointed me to a question as to why do we even need such a day ? At exactly what point of time did female become the weaker sex ? Who said women were below men or anyone was below any other in that case ? Even if such ideas were propagated, why were women so gullible to accept such status or ideology.

I have tried to explore the social position of women throughout the history of human race, women have dominated and suffered just like any other. Their journey is a reminder that the universe we live in works by subtle balances of variations. Women have been the partner of men in every single journey and held the baton with equal grace and strength. You will find as you read along that the so called weaker sex is actually stronger than men and such has been proved by their valor and courage during tough times. The fault lies in ideology, how people have subdued women by calling it a weaker sex, a fairer sex and dishonoured them in royal courts. We forget that the same woman has been portrayed as shakti, strength, beauty, love, sacrifice and devotion. Respecting an entity in a symbol but disgracing it everywhere else leaves little room for the symbol to survive. We are committing a grave mistake if we symbolise women, we simply need to give them half the share. As the primary race inhabiting the planet Earth, men and women deserve equal share of everything.

As time has passed our women have bettered themselves as our companions, sometimes they are a step further than men. The definition of our attitude towards our women is at most generous that of contempt, we should rather face the reality and grow the courage to respect them instead of the nourishing the will to dominate them.

No more celebrating any ‘day’ until we remember and make sure to give our women their due place in society. There is a ‘man’ in ‘woman’, literally and when a woman is stretched beyond limits she is unstoppable and highly dangerous. We should accept their pivotal position and their importance and not make formal days to assert this idea. No more thinking and discussing this, let us all inculcate and practice and respect the woman. The world is incomplete without them, they are the yang to our ying. Universe strikes balance, let us too.

– Mayank Mishra.