The Face of the Indian Crowd

Notions and notions about peace, intolerance, security, nationalism and sedition have been hurled to and fro for a long time. More disappointing is the fact that this whole game is being played by a few players, who at the end of the game win a lot of fame and newfound publicity overnight. The whole air reeks of selfishness and hidden agenda. If we were so worried about the integrity of our nation the scene would have been completely different. This noise is comparable to the ramble of attention seekers who are only there to hog the attention and never when they are needed.
     There is no freedom in our country, none which I can relate with an ordinary person who just wants to survive for a day and doesn’t know much about nationalism or agendas of any particular group. This man still finds himself being pulled into debates, forced to discuss “Rajneeti” over his meagre dinner which he procured by fighting those very propaganda. He has to choose a party, a flag , a colour. His identity is bartered in different pieces and ways as suited by the system. This man has to reluctantly  give his opinions over these issues which carry no importance to his petty existence. He only thinks of ‘live and let live’ and wants to be left alone. The whole scene is like a comic tragedy. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time.
    In a country which is fighting economic battles and issues ranging from ‘overpopulation’ to ‘gender inequality’, we are still far behind in the line of discussion to be bringing up matters of ‘nationalism’ and ‘sedition.’
The whole matter about Dadri, JNU or any other case lies in a frustration. Our actions, that of media and other important people of the country have not become so overnight. Rather this melodrama is the result of an old mistake which we Indians have been committing blindly over the centuries.
The current India is a fireball of youth energy. It lacks the experience which it hasn’t the time to get from the old ones.  The youth has fluctuating ideals and no firm base to put their beliefs in. The ideologies have become obsolete and the elders have failed to point in a right direction. The result is the youth making their own path. As an observer I have seen that we are simply addressing our issues the wrong way since a long time. This has resulted in violence and outbursts. Our problems are simple and so are the solutions, it is the hyped portrayal of it all which is delaying it. 

 If we look back in history we have always suffered because we were ruled by ideologies and not physically. The truth and depth of the matter is that in my country there is nothing like individual free thought. If there is any,it is too faint to be heard. In the words of Shakespeare it is a ‘fickle minded mob’, believing anything it is told. This is not a big problem, we only need to find a way to give each Indian a voice. A voice which will not be subdued under the noises of media channels, a voice which will be heard over the loud harangues of ‘netas’ and ‘andolankaris.’ The hungry, uneducated Indian cares less for nationalism and lesser for foreign policies. He just wants to live peacefully in a world where his child gets education and employment.
  Our political atmosphere is clouded by high floating ideals which we as commoners cannot connect to. It has always meant differently for each of us, it always will. The world works relatively and my only advice to the people is to strike a balance. It is the only way to survive.
    Perhaps we all need to rehear the famous speech of Charlie Chaplin. We need to revisit our ideals, be strong in our minds and free in our thoughts. 
– Mayank Mishra