The ‘Sardar’ in Trouble

Manmohan Singh, our ex-PM was always media shy but somehow the opposition (BJP) during his 10 year term as PM and his foreign and neo-liberal economic policies, the nuke deal with US always  kept him in limelight in the media. Now when Mr. Singh was away from politics and bureaucracy, he still hasn’t been able to shake the old cobwebs off him. A special CBI court has summoned Mr. Singh, Kumar Mangalam Birla,  P C Parakh (Former coal secretary) two executives of Hindalco in relation to the coalgate scandal of  2005.

     On Oct 1st 2005, Mr. Singh approved the allocation of mine named TALABIRA-II to Hindalco of Aditya Birla Group. The special judge Bharat Parashar said that KM Birla ”played an active role” by ”tapping his bureaucratic and political channels” to secure the coal blocks. It is already verified that CM Navin Patnaik also wrote to Mr. Singh pushing Hindalco’s case. The five accused have been summoned over charges of criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust by a public official. If convicted we can expect a life sentence.

 Dr. Singh has expressed his regret,”I am upset but this is part of life.” He further stated ”I am open for legal scrutiny. I am sure the truth will prevail and I will get a chance to put forward my case with all the facts.”

   Given above are the facts  of this case till today, the hearing is on April 8 2015, where Mr. Singh along with four others will defend his case, Birla group has declared to use ‘legal procedures’. Since the  beginning of  the case 157 important files  have gone missing and some important facts will surely surface in this hearing.

  Manmohan Singh has been a man of integrity during his two terms as PM, though UPA-2 was full of scandals like 2G spectrum, botched up Commonwealth Games, dsagreement of CPI(m) over the Nuclear Deal with US, various accusations on Mr. Singh imposed by Rahul Gandhi who was trying to establish his image before the country. It can be said with confidence that though Mr. Singh was himself not corrupt or biased, he did tolerate such things to some level in his cabinet. It  was not in his nature to mind othes,he only believed in doing his  work  properly and with full honesty. In the book “The Accidental Prime Minister’, written by Mr. Singh’s media adviser Sanjaya Baru, Manmohan Singh comes across as a decent politician who does not like controversies and neither does he involve himself in any. However no one is above the law and even ex-PM has to obey and follow it. Whatever is the truth,it will emerge and the guilty will be punished, all we have to do is  wait.