Cyber Security.

We live in the age of information, surrounded completely by artificial intelligence. To say the least, the experience is surreal, magical and unbelievable. We wake up to digital alarms set on our intelligent gadgets, measure our steps on GPS enabled health bands while listening to songs on our little music players, drive to work in our intelligent cars, while talking to our phones telling them what to doetting reminders on the go all this while we are connected to the internet and leaving our personaland professional data vulnerable to so many dangers out there on the world wide web. The fact that we are exposed like a nerve is a real threat which must be dealth with seriousness and caution.

What is cyber security ?

  For an ordinary internet user cyber security can be simply defined as the protective measures undertaken to counterattack viruses, malware, keep hackers at bay, ensuring data security and defense against unauthorized access. It is an old issue with internet users that keeps coming back at them in new forms and ways. Phishing, hacking, stealing private information like bank account details, unauthorized access are some examples of cyber attacks. The name given to those hackers who indulge in such criminal activities is ‘cyber terrorists’ and the danger they pose to us range from ordinary to life threatening.

Knowing and implementing.

  Most of the users on the internet are aware of this but still choose to ignore. Internet got better And more secure with the introduction of  ‘captcha’, antivirus softwares and firewalls. this does not mean that we can sit back, relax and use our phones and laptops without exercising proper caution rather it means that we should be more informed and all the more careful now that the need for such measures has arised to combat cyber terrorism. Awareness must be spread and implementation is must. Those who know should inform and encourage others who don’t.

Cyber Security in India.

  Unlike other countries users in India are still far behind in this war, succumbing to flashy advertisements and spam emails they are liable to give out information unwantedly to malicious hackers at the other end of the wire. Without their knowledge they fall prey to these illegal hackers and become victims. Piracy and software counterfeiting is rampant in India and the Indian webspace is crawling with malicious programs, viruses, malwares and other demons of the internet. The scenario of cyber security in India is pitiable and pathetic and it needs some serious attention from the government, private agencies and the consumers.
    Mr. Narendra Modi , the current Prime Minister of India has recently launched The Digital India campaign in which he plans to unfiy India through a high speed internetwork spanning the whole country by 2019. This means that the number of internet users from India is going to experience a tremendous boom in the coming 5 years, making it all the more necessary to educate these users about cyber security first.

Some Tips on Cyber Security.

General information about cyber security is availaible on a million websites on the internet and we can easily access it, but here are some easy tips to keep users safe and secure.

1. Use licensed  antivirus applications on your phone and computers.
2. Use virtual keyboards for online payments and transactions.
3. Never give away your passwords, not even to those you trust.
4. Browse and download content from official websites and trusted sources only.
5. Say no to piracy amd spftware counterfeiting.
6. Internet is a great tool, exercise caution and use your wisdom, use it wisely.

Rakshit Tandon is a computer professional, he has also served as the Chief of Cyber Security Cell, with Agra Police, Uttar Pradesh, India. For informations and queries regardning cyber security you may visit him at his website . The global war against terrorism is on, I hope you will be a part of it. Safe surfing.

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